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The Daily Bloom Holiday Guide

From the Doc:

  1. The Gift of Sakara:   Because FOOD IS MEDICINE.Sakara 3

Sakara has helped me stay healthy and sane while in medical school and residency. Delicious organic and plant-based meals delivered right to your door make the perfect gift for anyone wanting to reset after the holidays or for anyone wanting to try plant-based eating done right.

Use our code REF_ BLOOM15 for 15% off your first order and anything from their amazing clean boutique!

2. The Gift of Calm: Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, sharpen focus, help control anxiety and high blood pressure, improve sleep and promote kindness, gratitude and overall happiness. Give your loved one a subscription to a meditation app to keep them happy and healthy all year long.

Some of our favorites are:

3. Gift of Self-Love: 

Screenshot 2018 12 14 At 3.15.54 Pm

There’s nothing like taking a luxurious warm bath. Herbivore hand makes amazing, cruelty-free,  natural products and their bath salts set and coconut milk bath soak makes the perfect tub experience.

Screenshot 2018 12 14 At 3.26.43 Pm

4. The gift of confidence:

Jen Sincero’s book will change your life. It’s a great fast and fun read that is jam-packed with beautiful life lessons that anyone can relate to. 

Whether someone you love is trying to break out of a bad relationship (with someone else or themselves), start a new business or just want to make the most of every day, this book will help change their perspective, encourage their first step and overall just make them feel like the can conquer the world and live the life they have always dreamed of!

From the Chef:

  1. Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Box + Subscription

Screenshot 2018 12 14 At 4.02.25 Pm

 Give the gift of really really really good olive oil! There are different options depending on how much you want to spend but this gift comes with a certificate of adoption of your own olive tree and a subscription of delicious olive oil from a family-run organic farm in Puglia!

2. Staub Cocotte

Everyone should have one of these in there kitchen! It might be a bit on the pricey side, but you have to look at it as an investment. This dutch oven will stick with you forever and you will find yourself using it for everything and anything!  



3. NOVART Breathable Fresh Herb Keeper

This is the gift that nobody knew they wanted! Anyone who cooks regularly and uses fresh herbs (which should be everyone!) will appreciate this gift. It keeps herbs fresh for up to two weeks and can also work on vegetables too!


4. Soyabella

No matter what brand you try, nothing tastes better than homemade nut milk! For anyone who’s made nut milk at home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy this sooner. Perfect for people who make or buy nut milk on a regular basis. It’s fast, easy to clean and there’s no blending, straining, and waiting required!

Soyabella Milk Maker

Vinyl-Bound "The Joy of Cooking" Book

5. Joy of Cooking Cookbook

This is an incredible resource for any chef at any level! It is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to learn the basics. It is truly a timeless kitchen essential and the only cookbook I keep in the kitchen!